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Blended Finance and Transaction Management for Resilient PPPs

18 Jun, 2020

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Understanding and Mitigating Climate Risk: Opportunities in PPP Project Identification and Business CaseModel

10 Jun, 2020

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Climate Change and the Jamaican PPP Model

04 Jun, 2020

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Experiences on PPPs and concessions for climate finance in Brazil

30 Apr, 2020

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ESG in Emerging Markets: How will Emerging Markets Countries and Companies Fight Coronavirus and Climate Change?

28 Apr, 2020

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Building Resilience Through Green Bonds

23 Apr, 2020


ESG and COVID-19: risk management in the global pandemic

8 Apr, 2020


New validation protocols for projects employing Energy Saving Insurance (ESI)

26 Mar, 2020

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Financial Institutions and the SDGs: opportunities and challenges

12 Mar, 2020


Developing and implementing Sustainable Finance Taxonomies – the case of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities

19 Feb, 2020

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Chinese Market for Green Bonds: Green Panda Bonds

18 Oct, 2019

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Online Information System of the Energy Saving Insurance Program (ESI) in El Salvador and Brazil

30 May, 2019


Options for a risk mitigation instrument in the Energy Savings Insurance Program (Mexico)

30 April, 2019


ESI Program in Colombia. Success Stories

21 March, 2019


Progress in the use of the Energy Savings Insurance

28 February, 2019

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Economic return and socio-environmental risks of road projects in the Amazon: A comparative analysis


Principles for Banking Responsibility


Financing Energy Efficiency in the Industry Sector

Untitled 2

Energy Efficiency Market Report 2018


Protected Agriculture Climate Bonds Standard Crieria

Save the Date 05 24 EN

Mitigating Systemic Risks: Mechanisms for evaluating climate change risks – Stress-testing public bank portfolios

From Zero to Hero 05-16 ES V4

From Zero to Hero: Lessons and Experiences from the Growth of the Chinese Green Bond Market

Webinar: Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainable Finance: Indigenous Peoples Rights and the Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Crowdfunding as an Alternative Funding Mechanism for Sustainability Projects

WEBINAR: Methodological Approach Energy Savings Insurance (ESI): Transparent Energy Savings

CDKN-IDB-CARBON TRUST: "The co-benefits of energy efficiency: driving the market in Latin America and the Caribbean"

Innovations in Climate Financing. Energy Savings Insurance Program (ESI). From Theory to Practice: the case of FIRA Mexico.

Promoting Access to Energy Services – Development Banks as key to channeling Financial Flows into actors in the Rural Sector

Business Models for Promoting Energy Efficiency Markets

Financial Overview for the sustainable energy market in the Andean countryside.

Green Bonds: Capital Market Strategy for the Financing of Low Carbon Projects

Energy Services Companies (ESCO) Models through Financing Funds

Financing of Colombian’s Low Carbon Development Strategy

Fund to finance energy efficiency projects

Contracts for Energy Saving Results

LED Public Ilumination: Argentina's Experience

Klave Finanzas Verdes Launching

A New Platform in a New Context: tendencies about climate finance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Implementation Experiences of a Green Credit Line in Banco Procredit Ecuador


IEA Special Report on Efficient Cooling: Considerations for Latin America