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Success stories ESI in Colombia. Clinics and hospitals sector. Méderi Clinic

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Investments with an impact

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Greening the Financial Markets Across the Two Sides of the Atlantic

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Next Generation of Finance in LATAM: Sustainability as Driver to Tapping New Markets


Sovereign Green Bonds: Opportunities for Public Sector Issuers in Developed and Emerging Market

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What were the key messages of the 2019 climate week of Latin America and the Caribbean?

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Success stories ESI in Colombia

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BID Oaxaca


First South American Sustainable Bond


What is the Financial Innovation Laboratory LAB?


How do we identify and mitigate biodiversity risks


Green Bond FIRA

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Green Bonds Report

que es un bono verde

What's Up? What is a green bond?


What are green bonds?


Millones a billones: alianzas estratégicas para movilizar recursos que financien la sostenibilidad


Energía de las entrañas de la Tierra: alianzas público-privadas para financiar plantas geotérmicas

Proadapt - Opening Session - IDB Group Discussion

Proadapt/Presentation of the FOMIN/FND Study “Markets for Climate Resilliance"

PROADAPT/Panel 11: Infrastructure, resilience and public-private partnerships

Proadapt/Panel 10: Insurance and Climate Resilience

PROADAPT/Panel 9: FOMIN's work in development and resilience

PROADAPT/Panel 8: The challenge of defining the market for resilience to climate change

Proadapt/Panel 7: Climate Data and New Analytics

PROADAPT/Panel 6: Emerging developments in resilience to climate change

PROADAPT/Panel 5: A Strategic View of Private Sector Resilience to Climate Change

PROADAPT/Panel 4: Desde el capital natural a la salud humana

PROADAPT/Panel 1: Innovación financiera en la resiliencia al clima

PROADAPT/Panel 3: Climate-Smart Agriculture

Proadapt/Panel 2: Sustainable and Resilient Cities, Actors and Innovative Approaches

PROADAPT Conference: Keynote Adress by Sean Kidney and Brigit Helms

Proadapt Conference: Inauguration



What are social bonds ?

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Social Bonds Bancoldex: A Socially Responsible Investment

PROADAPT: Conclusions of Proadapt Conference

Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) Program