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A Framework and Principles for Climate Resilience Metrics in Financing Operations


Demystifying Green Bonds: Green Agribusiness Credit Certificates

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Climate Risk and Financial Systems of Latin America Regulatory, supervisory and industry practices in the region and beyond


The Green Infrastructure Investment Opportunities - Brazil 2019

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LAC Green Finance State of the Market

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How to issue a green panda bond | Handbook (ENG - POR)


Protected Agriculture in Mexico: Building the Methodology for the First Certified Agricultural Green Bond

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Diagnosis of the situation of Monitoring and evaluation in Banking Public Development in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean(Spanish version)

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Build or Renovate? The decision to establish a new Green Bank, or “green” an existing National Development Bank


Transforming Green Bond Markets


Establishing a Green Bank or Greening an Existing Bank?


Post-issuance reporting in the green bond market


The Risks, the Opportunities and the Financial Impact of Climate Change


LAC Green Finance Facility - Leveraging Green Investments Program - LGI


Products of the 1st year of the Laboratory Financial Innovation


Research Report with Emitters and Investments over Green Titles in Brazil


Metrics for Evaluation Socio-Environmental: A Perspective for Institutions of Development Regional


Summary of the meeting of the second round table of this series: "Investment in sustainable infrastructure - Argentina chapter".

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Financing for Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Distributed Generation


New CMF guide for regional public development banks: 'Financing of new digital technologies in the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean'


2017 Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks’ Climate Finance


Infographic 2017 Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks’ Climate Finance

One Planet Summit - Newsletter

National Development Banks and Green Banks

Risk Mitigation for Public-Private Partnership Projects in Brazil

Bonds and Climate Change: State of the Market 2017

Brazilian Edition: Bonds and Climate Change – The State of the Market 2017 - Portuguese Version

Brazilian Edition: Bonds and Climate Change – The State of the Market 2017 - English Version

Supporting National Development Banks to Drive Investment in the Nationally Determined Contributions of Brazil, Mexico, and Chile

Guide for the structuring of financial instruments for the promotion of energy efficiency: A case study of the Paraguayan Development Finance Agency (2017)

The contribution of public development banks to the Sustainable Development Goals in the Latin America and the Caribbean countries (2017)

The central role of financing in the Paris Agreement and the opportunities for national development banks (2017)

Updated Guide "The Central Role of Financing in the Paris Agreement and the Opportunities for BNDs" (2016)

Event Report: "Innovative Financial Instruments to Support Energy Efficiency: Experiences from the Financial Institutions from the LAC and Asia-Pacific regions" (2016)

ESI Tool Kit - Regional Energy Savings Insurance and Risk Management Program Toolkit (2016)

Expansion of non-conventional renewable energies in Latin America and the Caribbean: The role of development finance institutions (2016)

The Central Role of Financing in The Paris Agreement and Opportunities for National Development Banks (2015)

Social and Environmental Responsibility Guide (2015)

Guarantees for Green Markets: Potential and Challenges (2014)

Managing Environmental and Social Risks: A Roadmap for National Development Banks in Latin America and the Caribbean (2014)

Public Development Banks: Toward a New Paradigm? (2013)

Energy Efficiency Financing Potential in the sectors of ceramics and plaster in the region of Nordeste (2013)

The Role of National Development Banks in Catalyzing International Climate Finance (2013)

Public Development Banks: Addressing the Challenges of Financing Climate Change Mitigation (2012)

External Publications

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A Latham & Watkins Glossary of ESG Slang and Terminology

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Shifting Perceptions: ESG, Credit Risk and Ratings
Takeaways from the Emerging Market Forums

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Climate and environmental risks and opportunities in Mexico's financial system: From diagnosis to action

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Renewable Energy Finance. Green Bonds

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TEG final report on the EU taxonomy

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Financing Deforestation Increasingly Risky Due to Tightening Regulatory Frameworks


Manual of Metrics and Indicators for Sustainable Entrepreneurship


Climate Resilience Principles

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EU CLIMATE BENCHMARKS: Reality and consistency check

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Green Bond European Investor Survey 2019

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Climate Bonds Taxonomy


Due Diligence Questionnaires


A sustainable and responsible investment guide for central banks’ portfolio management


Greening the financial system

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Sustainable Reality: Analyzing Risk and Returns of Sustainable Funds


Asset owner strategy guide: How to craft an investment strategy

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The SDG investment case

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Investment policy: Process & practice

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A practical guide to ESG integration for equity investing

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Sustainable finance in emerging markets and the role of securities regulators

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Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures: 2019 Status Report


The social responsibility of financial institutions and the guarantee of human rights


Market Report Series: Energy Efficiency 2018


First green bonds report. Bancóldex


Bonds and Climate Change State of the Market 2018 Report


France Green Bond Market - Driving Green Finance Development

France Green Bond Market

France Green Bond Market - Driving Green Finance Development

Publicación de GIZ y SEB

Green Bonds – Ecosystem, Issuance Process and Regional Perspectives


Banking & Development Magazine (only in spanish)


Creating Green Bond Markets