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Guide for Reporting Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Factors (ESG)
Published: April 19 of 2021
Editor/s: IDB-Invest, SEG Division
Author/s: Isabel Montojo (HPL), Kurt Vogt (HPL), Olga Cantillo (BVP) and Susana del Granado
Filename: Download PDF now

The Panama Stock Exchange (BVP) presented the “Guide for Reporting and Voluntary Disclosure of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Factors (ESG)”, which has been prepared thanks to the support of IDB Invest and developed by the finance consulting firm HPL LLC.

The new Guide aims to help issuing companies understand the context, characteristics and market best practices in ESG factor disclosure. It arises as a product of an open participation process with more than 20 institutions that represented a microcosm of the capital markets in Panama, the comparison with 14 international Stock Exchanges on their ESG disclosure practices, and from the latest advances and trends in the development of frameworks, standards and regulation.

The Guide is structured in 3 main sections:
• Introduction to sustainability concepts, ESG factors and the benefits of sustainability best practices and their link to corporate strategy.
• Implementation of sustainability integration into corporate strategy and reporting including a sustainability integration roadmap, detailed explanation of the ESG disclosure reporting process and related tools.
• Value of ESG information for investors

BVP is one of the main self-regulated exchanges in Latin America, with a diversified international infrastructure and with a market value close to USD 39 billion and a trading volume of USD 8.1 billion at the end of 2020. In 2018 BVP joined the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative.

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