The Inter-American Development Bank launched the Energy Hub
09/28/2020 Since 3 weeks

The energy sector is undergoing a technological and digital revolution, which has resulted in an explosion of data in volumes never imagined, growing exponentially at an extraordinary speed. This data is the new fuel for creating effective public policies, providing a basis for new business models, helping in decision-making processes, detecting trends, saving costs and time, responding to current problems and, ultimately, powering innovation in the sector. But having access to different sources of data and information is not enough. It is essential to find a way to gather, organize, and analyze them in order to provide practical benefits and encourage the creation of a more significant number of evidence and data.
The IDB, jointly with the collaboration of its partners, academia and the public and private sectors, launched the Energy HUB as a digital meeting point that collects, integrates, disseminates and promotes the generation of data and information on the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean in one place.

Environmental and Social Policy Framework
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A free platform helps to prepare and to assess energy efficiency projects
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