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LIMA, Peru, November 2, 2016 – Bi-continental meeting between Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific financial institutions to promote innovative financial instruments for private investment in energy efficiency, on 15-16 November 2016.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE), the French Development Agency (AFD), the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), are jointly organizing the regional workshop on Innovative Financial Instruments to Support Investment in Energy Efficiency: the Experiences of Financing Institutions in Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions, that will take place at the ALIDE headquarters in Lima, Peru on November 15-16, 2016. This event coincides with the 2016 APEC Summit (Forum on the Economic Cooperation Asia- Pacific) that will take place in Lima from the 17th to the 19th of November, 2016.

In this meeting, key representatives of various Latin American and Asia-Pacific development financing institutions, technology providers, insurance companies and investors will analyze the challenges and opportunities to support private investments in energy efficiency (EE) as well as the transfer and appropriate allocation of funds, to achieve low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

“It is essential to promote a dialogue and exchange of experiences among development banks to enhance South-South cooperation, helping to find innovative ways to leverage private investment for the adoption of new technologies, such as energy efficiency, to help countries of the region in their transition to more productive and sustainable economies”– Juan Antonio Ketterer, Chief Division, Capital Markets and Financial institutions of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). According to Eric Usher, Head of UNEP Finance Initiative “Development banks are key actors in helping to bridge the energy efficiency investment gap globally. Their technical and financial support to develop projects and build the capacity of private financial institutions, together with increased sharing of experience, can catalyze private finance for energy efficiency through innovative business models and financial instruments”.

The first part of the seminar will consist of sharing experiences regarding innovations in financing instruments that promote EE in different key sectors such as SMEs, construction, industries, concessions and different strategies related with PPP. During the second part, providers of EE technologies and services and insurance agencies will share some lessons learned, as well as opportunities to participate in EE projects. It is through this, that the seminar will combine the perspectives of financing institutions as well as service providers, all in the context of developing and financing EE projects. Finally, global trends will be analyzed and institutional structures to finance green technologies will be discussed, such as the use of green banks, the core of many development banks, and lessons learned in the energy efficient markets of both regions.


Some key questions to be addressed at the seminar:

• What are the elements for an effective and attractive credit line for MSMEs energy efficiency?

• What kind of financial instruments are required to promote energy efficiency in the construction sector?

• What kind of public financial mechanisms are needed to promote energy efficiency in the industrial sector?

• What kind of risks presented by PPPs and concessions for energy efficiency projects?

• What challenges providers face in energy efficiency technology to promote their products?

• What are the biggest challenges for an insurance / reinsurance in developing an insurance product saving energy?

• What is missing to mobilize investment and financing energy efficiency in emerging economies?


WHAT: Innovative Financial Instruments that support investment in Energy Efficiency: Experiences from Latin America and Asia-Pacific

WHEN: November 15-16, 2016

WHERE: ALIDE Headquarters, Paseo de la Republica 3211, San Isidro. Lima, Peru There is no cost to the event. For Registration use the following link



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