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Innovative platform for the green bond market
05/25/2021 Since 4 months

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is one of the most vulnerable regions to the effects of climate change.

Green bonds are a relevant financial instrument to attract private investors to the region to support LAC´s efforts to transition to a low-carbon economy and to achieve ambitious Paris agreements targets.

The region has a tremendous potential to promote sustainable investments, with the largest biodiversity pool of the world.

The Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP), developed by the Inter-American Development Bank and IDB Invest, supports the harmonization and standardization of green bond reporting to promote green investments by facilitating green bonds issuance. Its goal is to contribute to transparency and comparability, providing greater level of confidence to investors and thereby attract new investments to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The GBTP provides technical assistance to green bond issuers and external reviewers to upload their data, and aims to provide a benchmark for best practice disclosure and support to all market actors.

Providing all interested parties in LAC with quality data on green bonds in the region will support the growth of the green bond market going forward.

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