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Building Climate Resilience: AT&T’s pioneering approach to tackle Climate Risks
09/17/2020 Since 7 months

With the growing frequency and severity of extreme weather events, climate change threatens AT&T´s infrastructure and adds hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of disaster recovery.That’s why, in addition to their commitment to reach carbon neutrality, is working to make the company more resilient to the impacts of climate change on future generations. They’ve been collaborating recently with climate experts to develop an industry-leading Climate Change Analysis Tool (CCAT), that visualizes and projects which neighborhoods and which pieces of infrastructure will be at risk in the future. Using detailed maps, their aim to improve the resilience of the network so they customers can continue to count on vital network connections in the aftermath of future disasters. They’re also sharing their climate data publicly so that communities can take steps to prepare and build climate resilience for their citizens.

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