AFD - Agencia Financiera de Desarrollo

SCOPE: Development of the Energy Savings Insurance Program and additional financial instruments for energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy in SMEs (Paraguay – AFD)

DESCRIPTION: The objective of this project is to support AFD in designing a financing strategy, including the financial instruments and non-financial instruments to help originate and fulfil the demand for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy investments by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and contributing to reduce deforestation rates. The activities of this project involve the design of instruments to build trust among industrial firms, in particular SMEs, and first-tier LFIs on the potential benefits of proposed measures in order to further develop a growing pipeline of technically-robust, bankable energy efficiency and renewable energy investment projects in industrial firms and key economic sectors. [Currently AFD is, with support of the IDB, seeking additional resources from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to implement the financing line]

SECTOR: Energy efficiency, renewable energy, agriculture and forestry, SMEs


PROJECT TYPE: Technical Cooperation