The Brasil Lab is seeking powerful sustainable investment ideas
Since 3 years

The Brasil Innovation Lab for Climate Finance identifies, develops, and accelerates transformative climate finance instruments that can drive funds for Brazil’s national climate priorities. The Brasil Lab currently has an open call for ideas for its 2018 cycle, seeking proposals that can unlock millions of dollars in sustainable investment.

Climate Policy Initiative serves as the Lab Secretariat for the Brasil Lab and the other Lab programs, which include the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance, and the Fire Awards for Sustainable Finance.

In just a few years, previous Lab instruments have already mobilized USD $978 million.

Ideas selected for the 2018 cycle will receive guidance and support from high-level leaders from both the public and private sectors, who contribute expertise, political capital, and financial capital to the instruments. Selected ideas will also benefit from robust analysis, stress-testing, and development by Climate Policy Initiative’s team of experts.

The deadline to submit an idea to the Brasil and India Lab is December 7, 2017. The deadline to submit an idea to the Global Lab and Fire Awards is November 28, 2017.

Interested parties can learn more and submit their idea at

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