BBVA and ACS lead the record to the volume sold in green bonds in Spain in 2018

Europe could create labels for green financial products
March 9, 2018
With the support of the IADB in Inírida, Guainia – Colombia, the construction of the largest solar farm in non-interconnected areas begins
March 15, 2018

-ACS issues 750 million in eight-year green bonds
-BBVA joins the boom of green bonds with 1 billion

The issuers double the placements and bring them to 4,550 million. National companies break the world trend and step on the accelerator. A single incursion in the market has allowed a newcomer to the universe of the sale of green bonds to become the main issuer of the year in Spain. BBVA takes, for now, that trophy and does so with its premiere in this category of emissions to finance environmental, sustainable or socially responsible projects.

Expansion (Photo JMCadenas)
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