Green BNDES Week

Green finance, the Amazon region, environmental, social and governance (ESG) best practices and sustainable infrastructure will be discussed by relevant stakeholders in daily discussions, facilitated by experts from the BNDES Monday 19th Sustainable Growth 11 am - 12 pm: The resumption of sustainable growth Tuesday 20th Environmental, social and governance and climate finance best practices 11am - 12 pm: Funding through ESG Financial Mechanisms 5 pm - 6 pm: Green Finance Wednesday 21 st The Amazon region 11am - 12 pm: Sustainable Development in the Amazon region 5 pm - 6 pm: The Amazon region and Bioeconomy Thursday 22nd Applied Climate and Sustainability 11am - 12 pm: Sustainable Value Chain 5 pm - 6 pm: Payments for Environmental Services and the Carbon Market Friday 23rd Sustainable Infrastructure 11am - 12 pm: Renewable Energies 5 pm - 6 pm: Green Cities MORE INFORMATION

DATE: October 19 to 23, 2020