Energy Efficiency Indicators – Fundamentals for Policy Making

SPEAKER(S):Gianluca Tonolo, Urszula Ziebinska and David Morgado, IEA


TOPICS:energy efficiency


The IEA published two manuals on energy efficiency indicators in 2014, the Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essentials for Policy Making and the Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals on Statistics . Both publications provide the necessary tools to initiate or further develop in-depth indicators for energy efficiency and to support the development of effective energy efficiency policies. The Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals for Statistics aims to i) highlight the importance and value of developing better energy efficiency indicators that enable better decision making and planning, (ii) identify the main sectoral indicators and the data needed to develop these indicators, (iii) make sure that surveying, metering and modelling practices, that exist all around the world, are available to all. This webinar provides an overview of this publication and highlights how better indicators can help with better decision making.