Webinar Presentation ESI - GFL -Erick Rodriguez Maldonado, FIRA (2017)

ESI Webinar Presentation - GFL - Adalberto Padilla, IDB (2017)

Presentation ESI Webinar GFL - Esteban Suarez, IDB (2017)

ESI Bandesal Presentation "Training on the Economic Rationale for Energy Efficiency" CARICOM / GIZ / CDB / Green Cooling Initiative - Christophe Hoor (2016)

Promoting Funding for Energy Efficiency by the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) - Gustavo Pimentel, SITAWI (2016)

Role of National Development Banks in Promoting Climate Finance - Maria Netto, IDB (2016)

Public Sector Partial Credit Guarantee Programs: What, Why, When and a little bit of How? (2016)