Treasury issues the first sustainable sovereign bond in the world linked to the SDG
09/14/2020 Since 1 month
Press Release No. 071

Today Mexico becomes the first country in the world to issue a sustainable sovereign bond linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for an amount of 750 million euros.
With this issue, the Ministry of Finance inaugurates Mexico’s sustainable financing programme and places the country at the forefront of innovation in sustainable financing instruments. In addition, the issuance allows the country to expand its investor base by accessing international funds committed to sustainable economic development.

This bond was placed for a 7-year term (September 2027), offering a yield at maturity of 1.603% and paying a coupon rate of 1.350%. The operation reached a peak demand of EUR 4.8 billion, equivalent to 6.4 times the amount placed, and involved 267 institutional investors globally.

The issuance of this bond is an important milestone in the development and innovation of market instruments for sustainable financing and confirms the confidence of international investors in the Mexican Government’s commitment to development.

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