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The CNV presents its strategic agenda to the global investment community
07/06/2021 Since 2 months

The National Securities Commission (CNV) of Argentina is working on the management of a strategic agenda based on strengthening the use of the domestic capital market for financing the real economy and, in this context, it is convenient to disseminate it to the global investment community. The CNV is pleased to invite global institutional investors to participate in the presentation of its strategic agenda linked to investments in the real economy, with an emphasis on infrastructure and sustainable finance.

In relation to these and other issues related to the promotion of financing of various activities of the national productive activity, the CNV created several special collective financing schemes for such purposes. Particularly noteworthy is the sustainable finance programme, in the framework of which several guides were designed for the dissemination of concepts such as GSS bonds, independent certifications and the figure of the socially responsible investor. Specific regulation was also issued for ESG funds and collective investment vehicles for the financing of green, social and sustainable projects. In addition, other collective financing regimes were created and regulated to channel resources towards productive activity throughout the country. In particular for real estate development, regional economies and value chains, public infrastructure and the promotion of entrepreneurial capital. In order to disseminate these new initiatives, the President of CNV, Dr. Adrián Cosentino, and one of its directors, Matías Isasa, will review these developments at a meeting for global investors with interests in these areas of financing on 15 July at 12:00 (Argentine time).

For enquiries and confirmation of attendance, please write to: institucionales@cnv.gov.ar
The event will be simultaneously translated into English.

This post is also available in: Spanish

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