Spain getting closer to a Climate Change Law
05/29/2020 Since 8 months

On Tuesday, May 19, the Council of Ministers approved the draft of the climate change law, that will be sent to the parliament.

The final and main goal of the law is for Spain to achieve, by 2050 at the latest, carbon neutral emissions. France and the United Kingdom have the same objective and similar deadline, while Sweden has set to achieve cero net emissions by 2045.

According to modeling carried out by the Government of Spain, the ecological transition will attract more than 200,000 million euros of investment in the next ten years and will create between 250,000 and 350,000 net jobs per year.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the effects of pandemic containment measures have also had a disruptive impact on the region’s national economies. A climate change law that tends to decarbonization, would facilitate economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis, and may be a key piece to establish this new normality.

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