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Solinftec announces funding for nearly 27 million dollars green CRA and reinforces its commitment to sustainable agriculture
05/19/2021 Since 4 months

Solinftec, a leading Brazilian company in SaaS agribusinesses both nationally and globally, announced its first green credit notes issuance (CRAs in Portuguese) for a total amount of almost 27 million dollars, in line with its commitment to the environment, social and governance (ESG) principles. The operation was structured and led by the Itaú BBA bank and the real estate securitizer Gaia Securitizadora.

The aim of these green titles is to maximise the use of inputs and minimise the environmental impact of agricultural operations. The funds raised will be used for environmental projects belonging to the categories of environmental management of natural resources and land use, climate change adaptation and eco-efficiency, pollution control and prevention, renewable energy and water management. They will be used to improve existing solutions and develop new technologies for digital and precision agriculture, generating mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate change.

It is the first operation focused on agribusiness products and services in the world to receive Climate Bond Initiative (CBI) certification. Solinftec received ESG advice from Itaú BBA bank, and the issue received a second opinion from external verifier SITAWI Financas do Bem.

The benefits that will be generated with this initiative are aligned with the Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Adaptation categories foreseen by the CBI and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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