Social and environmental bond issuance totals $ 328 billion in 2019
09/09/2020 Since 2 months

The market for thematic bonds, known as “green, social or sustainable bonds,” totalled $ 328 billion in global issuance last year, up 57% from 2018, according to data collected in early June by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). “Rapid” growth is still timid in Latin America and the Caribbean markets, as they account for only 2% ($ 6.4 billion) of global emissions. However this represents an “opportunity” for the region, according to Maria Netto, an IDB specialist on the subject.

“There is significant potential. Latin America has an important green DNA, but has not yet used this asset in-depth “, says María, opening the online seminar ” Trends in Green and Sustainable Bonds in Brazil, promoted by the IADB in partnership with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and B3.

The data collected by the IADB, based on information from the Bloomberg agency, was presented at the opening conference. As of early June, $ 122 billion had been issued on the global market in 2020, and $ 3.9 billion in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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