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Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN) launches new Investor Panel
06/16/2021 Since 3 months

Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN) launched a new investor panel on Monday June 14th, 2021.

NSBN is global platform introduced in 2019 that aims to increase transparency and accessibility to green, social and sustainability bonds. The Network was a natural expansion of Nasdaq’s existing “Sustainable Bond Marketplace”. It allows investors to obtain detailed information for due diligence analysis, screening and monitoring of their investments. The platform includes documents, data and qualitative information submitted by issuers, and allows investors to compile and compare sustainable bonds and generate impact reports.

As of June 2021, the network comprised 685 issuers and approximately 6,500 bonds. Among those issuers, about 100 are Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partners, which release their sustainable bond reports and detailed data directly to the network.

The regularly collected data is made available on Nasdaq’s market feeds, and will now also be available through the new investor portal.
The portal will allow investors to upload their sustainable bond portfolios and will be able to see, for bonds included in the platform, the impact of their portfolio translated into performance indicators and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). NSBN encourages bond issuers to map their impacts not only at the SDG level, but also against the target level of the respective SDGs.

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