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Low-carbon farming in Brazil can benefit farmers and curb climate change
05/22/2020 Since 1 year

In recent years, Brazil has developed strategies to ensure the sustainability of its farming and forestry. For almost a decade, until 2012, Brazil had managed to slash its deforestation rate by 83%, a success achieved in part due to government enforcement actions and public policies, such as deforestation satellite monitoring programs by INPE (National Space Research Agency) and the Low Carbon Agriculture Plan (Plano ABC). However, In 2019 deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest increased by 85%, to its highest rate in more than a decade.

The Rural Sustentável project, which recently concluded its first phase, is financed by the UK Government in partnership with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. The project, which is implemented by the IDB, looks at ways to promote a change in the behavior of farmers, aligning agricultural productivity and improved income of farmers with the conservation of natural resources and reducing deforestation.

Knew more about this project, which aims at promoting the adoption, by small and medium-sized farmers who are most vulnerable to climate change, of “climate-smart”.

by Barbara Brakarz

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