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Investors met in Brazil to discuss green transition
07/08/2021 Since 3 months

International investors who are members of the Brazilian Green Finance Initiative (IBFV) recently met in Brazil to discuss the green transition. The IBFV Initiative promotes discussion on definitions for credible transitions, ESG portfolio and sustainable financing for Brazilian agriculture.

The study “Financing Credible Transitions”, launched by the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) in 2020, was one of the main points addressed at the meeting. This study is the result of a collaborative effort between Credit Suisse and CBI and sets out five principles for a successful transition. It presents a framework for defining credible transition pathways for companies that will collectively reduce global emissions and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Zurich-Santander Seguros e Previdência SA, Siemens Financial Services, SulAmérica Investimentos, UBS, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Previ, AMEC, among others. Securitizadora Grupo Gaia joined as a special guest and shared its experience in the first collective issue of CRA Verde (CRA Tech Verde).

In addition, the first meeting of the Agriculture Subcommittee was held covering the Sustainable Finance Market in Agriculture, the opportunities generated by FIAGRO and green emissions in the agriculture and bioenergy sectors. During the meeting the results of the report “Brazil Briefing: Agriculture Sustainable Finance State of The Market” published by CBI in May 2021 were also presented.

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