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IDB and IDB Invest launch the Green Bond Transparency Platform
04/27/2021 Since 3 months

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and IDB Invest launched the Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP), an inovative digital tool that provides greater transparency to the green bond market in Latin America and the Caribbean.
GBTP supports the harmonization and standardization of green bond reporting, boosting investors’ confidence that the proceeds from bond issuances are being spent on green projects whose impact are adequately measured. Users can learn about the proceeds, impacts, and methodologies for each green bond in the region and can filter data to access environmental performance using different criteria. Blockchain (DLT) technology facilitates secure data reporting in the GBTP.
The online digital tool supports the IDB’s efforts to expand the green bond market in the region and helps national and municipal governments, financial institutions, and companies access the financing they need to tackle climate change and make environmentally sustainable investments.
The GBTP, which seeks to be taxonomy and methodology neutral, has been tested in collaboration with more than 40 key market actors, including standard setters, issuers, external reviewers, underwriting banks, investors, and funds, such as KfW’s Latin American Green Bond Fund. The IDB provides free technical support for issuers and external reviewers interested in utilizing the GBTP features.

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