HR Ratings is a green bond verifier
07/02/2018 Since 2 years

HR Ratings, the Mexican credit risks rating agency, was accredited to certify the issuance of green and sustainable bonds under the Climate Bonds Standard methodology.

FIRA issues the first gender-equitable bond
FIRA issued the gender bond on the Mexican stock exchange BIVA on October 15th, with a 3 year maturity as part of a larger placement of three bonds worth 10 billion pesos/ $3 billion dollars, to provide exclusive fina...
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Blog | A call for an integrated framework for the bioeconomy in Latin America and The Caribbean region
Bioeconomy is any economic activity based on the use of natural renewable biological resources, from both land and ocean, to obtain food, materials, and energy in a sustainable way without compromising their availabil...
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Rio de Janeiro becomes first South American financial centre to join FC4S
Representing Brazil’s public and private sector financial services sector actors, today Brazil’s Laboratory of Financial Innovation (LAB) joined the International Network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S)...
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