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Green homes and renewable energy: Self-sustainable community inaugurated in the Dominican Republic
08/03/2021 Since 2 months

The “Nature Village” project, a self-sustainable and replicable community model, was carried out thanks to a joint effort between the government of the Dominican Republic, the Inter-American Development Bank Group, Innovation and Clean Technologies, the United Nations Programme and the Nature Power Foundation.

The programme aims to benefit 50 families in the areas of Azua, San Juan and Elías Piña, providing access for the first time to energy, drinking water, decent green housing, entrepreneurial opportunities and access to technology. The objective is the transformation towards self-sustainability. Nature Village is a project that seeks to close development gaps in the provision of basic services by forming an open data platform that will use the Internet of Things to correlate socio-economic indicators, demographics, images and maps.

The project obtained funding of USD 1.4 million and had the cooperation of the Dominican Government through the Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources, Economy, Planning and Development, Agriculture, Energy and Mines, Edesur and the Single System of Beneficiaries (Siuben).

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