Green finance fostered by the Ministry of Finance of Chile
01/31/2020 Since 12 months

In this interview by PAUTA Bloomberg, Trinidad Lecaros, senior advisor in charge of the Green Agenda of the Ministry of Finance, explains that the work of the Ministry has been oriented to the development of the Green Finance Agenda through its financial strategy.

Lecaros says that after a year of work with a technical panel, which had the support of different ministries, as well as of the Inter-American Development Bank, three main lines of action were defined in this area. The first corresponds to the data analysis; the second to the promotion of financial instruments, such as green bonds; and the third has to do with the promotion of green finance and private-public cooperation.

In the last seven months, Chile has issued green bonds in dollars and euros for a total of US $ 6,228 million and has already announced bond issues throughout this year. She also highlights that the announcement of green bonds in pesos is not unlikely.

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