Green Climate Fund Press Release.
“Responding to the impacts of the COVID-19 global pandemic:
Interlinkages between people, planet and prosperity”
04/19/2020 Since 9 months

On April 10, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) released a press release reporting that it is committed to ensuring that the world that emerges from the pandemic is one that is more aligned on a climate-smart path. They will also continue to collaborate with their partners to enable developing countries, particularly those that are most vulnerable, to strengthen their resilience in ways that foster low-carbon, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Also, they recognize that while COVID-19 is causing untold suffering, the international response to this unprecedented health crisis in modern times offers an opportunity to direct finances towards bolstering climate action. Because of that, the GCF will continue to make critical investments in climate-resilient water resource management, health care facilities, agriculture, and livelihoods – all of which are essential to subduing and overcoming the pandemic. Similarly, they will step up their efforts to catalyze green investment to relaunch economies on low-emission, climate-resilient trajectories.

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