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10/05/2018 Since 2 years

“La transformación de prácticas industriales con un enfoque más sostenible y amigable con el medio ambiente se muestra como una interesante herramienta para impulsar al sector de las Pymes -que agrupa a las principales unidades económicas del país- para atraer inversiones y demostrar la viabilidad económica y financiera de la eficiencia mantenerse como una de las empresas líderes del rubro.”
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Asset owners set and commit to report on 2025 targets to support 2050 net-zero emissions
Thirty-three of the world’s largest investors have committed to setting and reporting on 2025 targets to support the transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The final Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance’s I...
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Chile’s Energy Efficiency Law was approved
The Energy Efficiency Law aims to make rational and efficient use of resources. It covers the three sectors that account for most of the country's energy consumption: transport (37%); industry and mining (40%) and the...
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With support from the IDB Group, BDMG makes its debut on the international sustainable securities market
IDB Invest, a member of the IDB Group, announced the acquisition of a seven-year $50 million sustainable bond issued by Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais S.A. (BDMG). The operation consolidates BDMG as the firs...
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