Asian green bonds: an opportunity to stimulate decarbonization in the region
07/25/2018 Since 2 years

For Asia to meet its climate commitments, the capex of this region, aimed at mitigating climate change, should increase from 275 billion dollars in 2018 to 500 billion in 2030. In this sense, green bonds will play a role essential in its financing.

Environmental and Social Policy Framework
The ESPF sets ambitious new standards in several areas and provides IDB’s clients with leading-edge provisions to tackle environmental and social issues. It elevates respect for human rights to the core of environment...
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How to Invest for Impact in a Post-COVID World
The appetite for impact investing continues to grow, despite the pandemic. With more investors looking to invest sustainably, the industry is moving from “why” investing for impact is important, to “how” to embed impa...
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Treasury issues the first sustainable sovereign bond in the world linked to the SDG
Today Mexico becomes the first country in the world to issue a sustainable sovereign bond linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for an amount of 750 million euros. With this issue, the Ministry of Finance...
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