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WEBINAR SERIES: Build Back Better
June / 23 / 2020

July / 14 / 2020
June / 23 / 2020
July / 14 / 2020

Covid-19 has caused a social and economic crisis, but the response presents an opportunity to accelerate the shift to a more sustainable economy.

It is against this backdrop that Environmental Finance is organising the Build Back Better Webinar Series. It will explore a range of topics, from Covid-19 bonds, investing in biodiversity, sustainability-linked loans, green taxonomy challenges and opportunities, investing in the circular economy and renewable energy.

Taking place every Thursday, at 15:00 (BST), the webinars are free to attend.
Recordings of the webinars will be available 48 hours after broadcast.

Upcoming webinars:

23 June 2020: Coronabonds

30 June 2020: KPI-linked bonds

7 July 2020: Exploring the rise in sustainability linked loans

14 July 2020: Investing in Biodiversity

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Organizer: Environmental Finance
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