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Virtual Course on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis (ESRA)
October / 18 / 2021

November / 5 / 2021
October / 18 / 2021
November / 5 / 2021

The objective of the course is for participating financial institutions to improve their competitiveness and contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where they operate, through the inclusion of environmental and social guidelines in their operations, such as the implementation of environmental and social risk analysis and management tools that facilitate the identification, assessment and management of risks generated by their clients’ operations.

June 21st – July 9th, 2021, English
June 28th – July 16th, 2021, Spanish
July 5th – 23rd, 2021, Chinese
August 23rd – September 10th, 2021, Spanish
September 6–24th, 2021, English
October 18th – November 5th, 2021, Spanish
October 25th – November 12th, 2021, French
November 1 – 19th, 2021, English

Flexible, on demand

This post is also available in: Spanish

Organizer: UNEP FI - INCAE - Proyecto Ecobanking - GIZ
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