Virtual course on “Climate Change and TCFD: Risks and Opportunities for the Banking Sector”
November / 16 / 2020

December / 4 / 2020

As understanding among financial institutions of the risks and opportunities imposed by climate change becomes more nuanced and sophisticated, and given the recent emergence of corresponding assessment and disclosure logics, firstly those supported by the 2017 recommendations of the Financial Stability Board’s Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), there is now a need for new climate change training tailored to the financial services sector.

In response, UNEP FI, with the support from CAF – Latin American Development Bank, has developed a second-generation training platform that has been offered in English since 2018 and in Spanish since 2020. It aims to prepare financial institutions to conduct assessments and disclosures that respond to TCFD, and builds on the innovative work of UNEP FI pilot groups on TCFD adoption.

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Organizer: UNEP FI
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