Event for the Promotion and Regional Training of the Energy Efficiency Program
November / 30 / 2016
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
November / 30 / 2016
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

A promotion and training session was held for industrialists, suppliers and financial intermediaries in the Yucatan region.

The objective of this event was to spread the word about the areas of energy efficiency opportunies in the agroindustry sector, the characteristics of FIRA’s energy efficiency program and explain the methodological approach to structuring energy efficiency projects.

FIRA officials and program consultants were present explaining the program to a group of approximately 30 people among industrialists, suppliers and financial intermediaries.

At the end of the event three visits were made to companies in the Merida area:

(1) SAN PEDRO CHEESE FACTORY. It is a family-owned local cheese supplier for Walmart. Areas of opportunity were identified in solar water heating by supporting a boiler used for the manufacturing process and the pasteurization of the product. It also identified an opportunity to modernize its refrigeration chamber. Both the boiler and the cold chamber compressor are more than 25 years old. The program generated interest in the owners of the company

(2) ZELMA COOLER is a state-owned meat refrigeration service provider. Given their experience in the field they have also ventured into the manufacture of panels for cold rooms and turnkey projects for low-temperature refrigeration chambers. The program is attractive to them and has opportunities for modernization. One of them reduce the power of 160 HP to less than 100 in one of its main cooling chambers.

(3) TRANSPORTES GULLY has the vocation of transporting perishables. The question arises from the client if the program would accept modernization of refrigeration equipment for trailers.

It is worth noting the pro-activity of FIRA’s state promoters in both the South and Southeast regions to boost the program. At this stage it is important that they have tools to identify energy-saving opportunities in their customers’ processes, that is, to identify their main energy equipment (energy fluids) and evaluate their seniority to pre-evaluate the potential of the prospect. The Yucatan peninsula has great potential in agrofoods.

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Organizer: FIRA
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