Challenges for financing energy sustainability: How to enable the transition to more efficient and green models
The event organised by the IDB, to be held via web on 3 March 2021 from 9:30 to 12:10 (Brasilia time), will feature experts who will discuss market opportunities and solutions for the developm...
Turning the Tide: How to Finance a Sustainable Ocean Recovery
Banks, insurers and investors have a major role to play in financing the transition to a sustainable blue economy, helping to rebuild ocean prosperity and restore biodiversity to the ocean. Th...
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World Ocean Summit | Virtual Week
The 2021 agenda will deliver fresh, robust, and action-oriented insights into creating a sustainable ocean economy. The virtual week offers the opportunity to access highly curated content and...
How can banks use ESG to build Long Term, Sustainable Business Strategy?
S&P Global Ratings continues during 2021 with the "ESG - The New Differentiator" series, which is designed to inform and assist decision making during this period of uncertainty. This live web...
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Deforestation as a Credit Risk
Deforestation is often discussed because of its impact on carbon dioxide emissions and soil erosion, as well as the destruction of forest habitat and displacement of indigenous communities. In...
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Asset Owners’ Role Driving Responsible Investment Through Manager Relationships
Asset owners sit at the top of the investment chain. This group should feel empowered to work with asset managers on responding to their values, strategies and policies on responsible investme...
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Webinar | Climate Change and TCFD: Risks and Opportunities for the Insurance Sector in Spain and Latin America
UNEP FI, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and FINRESP co- organize a Webinar on “Climate Change and TCFD: Risks and Opportunities for the Insurance Sector in Spain and Latin America ”...
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Exploring the S of ESG and How to Measure it
Some would say the G of ESG (or Environmental, Social and Governance) has been around for a few decades, and that the E came to light more recently (possibly following the Paris Agreement or t...
Bond issuance with SDG impact in Latin America
This webinar seeks to share the application of the SDG Impact Standards, developed by the SDG Impact initiative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNDP), and their potential to boost t...