Study of the carbon market in Brazil 1 (2015)

AUTHOR:Lopes, Ludovino; Ricci, Tiago; Oliveira Santos, Rodolpho; Borma Chagas, Thiago; Galhano, Mayra; de Freitas Penteado, Luis Fernando; Courrol, Marina; Fernández, Mercedes

DATE:July, 2015

TOPICS: CarbonMarket

SUMMARY: The document summarizes the contents of the analysis made as part of the series “Studies on Carbon Market in Brazil”: (i) Legal Analysis of Possible Regulatory Models; (Ii) Analysis of Potential Market Sizing: Study-Case of the State of São Paulo; and (iii) Analysis of allocation of permissions. It presents the elements and key criteria in the design of a carbon market in general, and the country’s advances to later showcase the results presented in the study. On the basis of this review, it draws conclusions on the main challenges in establishing a national or state carbon market in Brazil.