Energy Efficiency Market Report (2016)

AUTHOR:International Energy Agency (IEA)

DATE:October, 2016

TOPICS: Energy Efficiency

SUMMARY: Global energy intensity – the amount of energy used per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) – improved by 1.8% in 2015. This is good news, surpassing the 1.5% gain seen in 2014, and tripling the annual rate (0.6%) seen in the previous decade. This improvement is particularly noteworthy in the context of lower energy prices, with the headline price of crude oil falling by as much as 60% since 2014. However, global progress on energy intensity is still too slow, falling short of putting the world onto a sustainable pathway toward a decarbonised energy system. International Energy Agency (IEA) analysis shows that annual energy intensity improvements need to rise immediately to at least 2.6% in a trajectory consistent with our climate goals.