Available, Attractive, Too Slow? How to accelerate energy efficiency by getting the financing for it right (2017)

AUTHOR:Carbon Trust

DATE:March, 2017

TOPICS: energy efficiency, SMEs, ESI, climate finance

SUMMARY: Energy efficiency is the lynchpin that can keep the door to 2°C open and save trillions of dollars across the global economy. To unlock it demands a large increase in finance and a re-orientation of investment. There has been a common struggle across many programmes worldwide to create sustainable private sector markets that are effective in reducing energy demand. Energy efficiency markets continue to face challenges across the supply chain. Smart public programmes are essential to overcome them and to leverage the private finance needed for deployment at scale. This report outlines best practice for achieving that. It is based on an assessment of 10 (ten) case studies, -including the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) Program developed by Connectivity, Markets and Finance Division at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-, interviews with leading practitioners, evaluations of past programmes, and the Carbon Trust’s own 15 years of experience delivering large-scale energy efficiency programmes. Executive Summary: https://www.carbontrust.com/media/674184/available-attractive-too-slow.pdf