ALIDE Banking and Development Magazine (2016)


DATE:October, 2016

TOPICS: national development banks, green finance, infrastructure, innovation and technology development, sustainable development, development finance

SUMMARY: In the early years of the present century, the attention was focused on sustainability of development banks, finances and in the consolidation of economic growth with social inclusion and the challenges that this entailed for the development; but, with the financial crisis of 2008, the concern shifted on how to face the crisis, overcome our weaknesses as a region, to improve competitiveness and social inclusion. At present, many of these issues remain in place and are interwoven with others of more significant relevance, such as infrastructure, innovation and technological development, entrepreneurs and urban development; all, under an approach of environmental sustainability. The complexity of these issues, and the challenges and actions that development banks face in this context, are the object of study and the raison d'ĂȘtre of ALIDE' studies, research and publications. These include our emblematic publication, ALIDE Magazine, which began in 1969 as an information bulletin and is now being renewed. With this edition that will address issues related to the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development - "Habitat III" is inaugurated with new design and now, under the name of BANKING & DEVELOPMENT, but always maintaining a varied thematic, related with development finance, and that is available to ALIDE's member entities so that they can share their good practices, studies and the impacts of their actions.