Online course and classroom organized by the IEB: “Finance for Sustainability and Climate Change”

The course “Finances for Sustainability and Climate Change” is organized by the Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB) in Spain and sponsored by the IDB and the OECC, among others.

Following the historic agreement reached in Paris in December 2015, climate change was at the center of the global economic, political and social agenda, becoming a strategic pillar and posing significant challenges and opportunities. Governments, institutions, companies and the entire community now face a new paradigm based on a low carbon development model.

The challenge raises important questions such as:

– Are we on the threshold of a new revolution similar to the industrial revolution of the 19th?

– What obligatory policies have already been implemented and what will we see in the future?

– How will these changes affect our model of life?

– What are the geopolitical and geostrategic keys that drive change?

– What is the strategic impact on the economy and business? Is there a penalty system for noncompliers?

– How is the necessary investment structure structured for change? In what and how is it invested? Are there new sources of funding?

– How do international markets and mechanisms that govern policies against climate change work?

The program of this course will make it possible to understand, from a practical point of view, the key international climate change strategies and their impact on regional and local policies. It will also enable us to understand the regulatory and financial instruments for the achievement of the established objectives and their concrete impact in the public, financial and business sectors.

Important institutions and companies will contribute their vision and concrete experiences related to the subject.

The course has the face-to-face, blended and virtual modality. For more information and details about the course, teachers, classes, etc. You can click HERE