Climate Summit in Bonn

Newsletter 04: Climate Summit in Bonn  13-11-2017

Climate finance goes through the different agendas that are deployed at the Climate Summit in Bonn

Newsletter 03: Climate Summit in Bonn  6-11-2017

What is at stake at COP 23?

Newsletter 02: Climate Summit in Bonn  5-11-2017

COP 23: Spaces for action and for defining long-term game rules. What should happen and what results should be expected?

Newsletter 01: Climate Summit in Bonn  4-11-2017

On the eve of the beginning of COP 23, an uneasy alert emerges about the distance between the goals of the Paris Agreement and the promises of the countries that are Parties to that Agreement

By Hernán Carlino,
Specialist in Climate Policy
Torcuato Di Tella Foundation (FTDT)