Green Latin America Awards 2018 Edition
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Green Finance Summit 2018: 17 July 2018, London
February 15, 2018
UN calls on investors to align
their portfolios with the Paris Agreement
February 20, 2018
Green Latin America Awards (Premios Latinoamérica Verde) will recognize actions that stand out as examples of commitment to environmentmental protection, awareness rising of social and/or environmental responsibility and inequalityreduction that could be used as benchmark of sustainable performance and which execution is currently under development.

The Green Latin America Awards, in its 2018 edition, recognize sustainable projects and actions under development in ten (10) categories.

1. Water
2. Wildlife
3. Forests & flora
4. Human development, social inclusion & inequality reduction
5. Energy
6. Sustainable finance
7. Sustainable cities
8. Solid waste management
9. Oceans
10. Responsible Production and Consumption

The Green Latin America Awards are open to applications from governmental organizations, representatives of the private sector, individuals and NGOs, regardless of size.