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CNE presents its project on Governmental Energy Efficiency in Dominican Republic
April 16, 2019
Cofide plans to issue a green bond in an amount of up to 150 million soles
April 17, 2019

Three financial institutions in Mexico have created investment instruments to drive projects aimed at sustainable development through the issuance of bonds in the stock market: Banobras, that issued bonds to finance investment in infrastructure and renewable energy; Nafin issued green and social bonds in pesos and US dollars, and FIRA, having issued in October 2018 their first green bond to finance conservation agriculture projects and in the rational use of water in agriculture projects.

FIRA’s approach has stimulated other social and financial institutions at the global level and in particular those with experience and leadership in social development and environment issues, such as, inter alia, the Inter-American Development Bank and the French Development Agency, to converge in supporting the identification and strengthening of sustainable projects being financed by FIRA in order to consolidate its green portfolio.

By Cecilia Arista Alani
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