WEBINAR | ESG in Emerging Markets:
How will Emerging Markets Countries and Companies Fight Coronavirus and Climate Change?

The WTO forecasts global trade to fall this year by between 13% and 32%; to fight the virus and ensure economic survival, national resources have been stretched to breaking point. During this unprecedented time, we examine how emerging market investors can enable Emerging Market Economies to Fight Coronavirus and Climate Change. Join Reuters Events, Emerging Markets Investor Alliance, NDC Partnership and the Inter-American Development Bank for a free interactive webinar for the Investment Community: The speakers will explore: • Do Emerging Markets have the fiscal space to combat a recession, Covid-19 and Climate Change? • How are Emerging Market Climate Change best practices changing in light of the fight against Covid-19 and global recession? • Will sustainability-based stimulus packages be 'de facto' or 'de jure' and can they revive growth and deliver financial returns in the wake of Covid-19? Speakers: • Claire Meier Underhill, Director, UK Operations, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance. • Fergus McCormick, Director & Head of Research, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance • Jahan Chowdhury, Country Engagement Director, NDC Partnership • Gianleo Frisari, Climate Change Economist, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

DATE: April 28, 2020