Latin America, First Region with Universal Access to Energy?

Scopes in energy access in Latin America by 2016 30 million people in Latin America do not have access to electricity (4%). 85 million lack of clean cooking technologies (11%). The pressure these sums on institutional sector and market governments have led to the development of inclusive policies and meet the existing demand. From the government perspective and the private sector, challenges are complementary: a framework for action is needed as we as actors and appropriate technologies to meet demand. In this workshop, under the theme of reach of SDG in energy in the region and the measures to be taken to achieve this, the three sectors will be incorporated: government, private and academia, where they expect to begin discussions of collaborative work between the parties, highlighting the best strategies for the design and implementation of initiatives on access. The first day will focus on the theme of Energy - Decentralized Solutions; 2nd day will be dedicated to Financial Inclusion and Energy. The 3rd day round tables will be held with representatives of each sector.

DATE: November 23 to 25, 2016

LOCATION: Medellin, Colombia

  • ["Micro Energy International "]