Joint Inception Review of the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) Program in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region

This 3-day technical workshop will provide an overview and the current status of the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) Program in the Latin American and Caribbean region, including description of sectors, beneficiaries and countries benefiting from the Program, the overall approach and methodologies being developed, partnerships established locally, regionally and globally and the knowledge development plan. It will also cover the approaches and methodologies being developed by the Program and lessons learned. The workshop will also focus on the ESI Program in Mexico and the context of energy efficiency in the country and the role of initiatives like ESI in the enforcement of public policies that foster energy efficiency culture, improve productivity and enhance competitiveness. Moreover, it will present an overview of activities already under implementation by the rural development bank of Mexico (FIRA) and how this experience and lessons learned are being applied to expand the Program with other beneficiaries and sectors, in particular with Bancomext. More information to become available soon.

DATE: March 1 to 3, 2017

LOCATION: Camino Real – Anzures, CDMX, Mexico