Event of Promotion and Regional Training of FIRA Energy Efficiency Program

On November 25th, a Tezoyuca promotion and training session was held for industrialists, suppliers and financial intermediaries in the CDT FIRA in the southern region of Morelos. The objective of this event was to publicize the areas of energy efficiency opportunity in the agroindustry, the characteristics of FIRA's energy efficiency program and explain the methodological approach to structuring energy efficiency projects. FIRA officials and program consultants were present explaining the program to a group of approximately 25 people among industrialists, suppliers and financial intermediaries. At the end of the event, a visit was made to ALUCAPS to identify energy modernization needs at the Jiutepec, Morelos plant. The findings were favorable identifying potential in compressed air, engines and refrigeration. With regard to compressors, its current supplier is KAESER, manufacturer that is already validated in the program. ALUCAPS will be supported to structure opportunities that it can work with its selected suppliers.

DATE: November 25, 2016

LOCATION: Morelos, Mexico

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