Climate Change & the TCFD: Risks & Opportunities for the Banking Industry

Since 2007, UNEP FI has offered an Online Course on “Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector”. As the understanding among financial institutions of the risks and opportunities imposed by climate change becomes more nuanced and sophisticated, and given the recent emergence of corresponding assessment & disclosure logics – first and foremost those underpinned by the 2017 recommendations of the FSB Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), there is now a need for new climate change training tailored to the financial services industry. In response, UNEP FI – with the support of CAF, the Latin American Development Bank – has developed a second generation training platform. It aims at supporting financial institutions carry out TCFD-responsive assessments & disclosures, and is based on the groundbreaking work of the UNEP FI pilot groups on TCFD adoption. Contents: The key areas addressed in this course are: 1.Climate change as a physical, meteorological phenomenon and the impacts of climate change, covering the basic science of climate change, including the latest scientific insights as compiled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2.The societal response to climate change as a policy-related, economic and technological matter, covering the international climate change regime, its history, and current discussions and challenges; as well as the main policy-related and technological responses to climate change at the national level 3.Assessing the credit risks and opportunities from physical climate change 4.Assessing the credit risks and opportunities from the transition to the low-carbon economy Courses in 2020: 16 March to 3 April - Spanish 4 to 22 May - English 21 September to 9 October- Spanish 5 to 23 October - English

DATE: March 16 to April 3, 2020

  • UNEP FI – with the support of CAF